The Classical Review was founded in March 2010 by music critic Lawrence A. Johnson to establish a single, one-stop online source for classical music coverage.

The Classical Review covers the most significant premieres and newsworthy live classical events across North America, encompassing opera, orchestral and chamber music, with a specific focus on new works, American music and touring artists. Unlike many arts websites that merely link to other sites, all reviews and articles on The Classical Review will be original, written by the finest arts journalists in the U.S.

At a time when traditional old-media outlets are either greatly diluting their coverage of local classical music or abandoning it altogether, The Classical Review will provide an outlet for those music organizations that have seen their public profile eroded, presented in a sleek, attractive yet simple and readable format. We especially encourage organizations in cities where newspapers have jettisoned their local critics to contact us. While the major music centers of New York, Chicago, and Boston will be represented, in many ways, it is the smaller cities that provide depth and texture to the American music scene, and those entities will be included as well. (At this time, live coverage will be limited to North America.)

As with TCR’s previously launched sister sites, Chicago Classical Review and South Florida Classical Review, advertising support is crucial for the success and continuation of this project. We have consciously kept ad rates low, in order to make it possible for all performing organizations, festivals, and record labels—major and indie—to establish a visible presence on The Classical Review. Also, advertising is by no means limited to classical performing groups and anyone who would like to support this website is encouraged to inquire.

Festivals, opera companies, orchestras, artist managers, and all music organizations that would like to be considered for live coverage, email editor Lawrence A. Johnson at [email protected].

For advertising inquiries and rate information, please email [email protected].